Native Advertising Network

powered by data

The DAILYGO. Native Advertising Network reaches millions of users in premium environments around the world. With our standout, data-driven recommendation technology in the background, it delivers trending contents and advertising in line with the individual interests, relevances and intents of every single user – via all channels and devices, and for the first time via Addressable TV. The Network gives advertiser and publisher the opportunity to fit branded messages seamlessly within an editorial environment, engaging audiences rather than disrupting the user experience. At the same time leading international media companies, digital premium publisher and retailer work successfully with us to achieve an optimal monetization, generate sustainable traffic growth and customer loyality.


Monthly in Germany


Unique User

People reached across our social fanpages, digital magazines and partner websites



Video- and editorial-content we recommended to users in premium environments



Premium partner websites that we are working with successfully today


Create global Reach

Find and engage millions of relevant users across premium publishers at massive scale on the new trending native discovery platform.

Distribute Safely

Run your native content campaigns in interruption-free, brand safe and relevant environments.

Realize your Goals

Achieve your marketing targets – build awareness and customer loyality, generate high value leads and increase your reach.


Expand your Fanbase

Reach your relevant users for your website or app, via all channels, devices and for the first time via AddressableTV.

Increase Engagement

Amaze your audience and get the most value out of every visit with individual experiences and relevant recommendations.

Make more Money

Drive game-changing monetization across all platforms with innovative recommendation technolgy and content discovery.